The Beautiful Game
30 September 2017

The Beautiful Game
a.) 42 x C type prints, 36cm x 40cm

b.) A5 sized photozine, 48 pages – 140gsm matt bond paper

The pictures depict a single game from the 1972 World Chess Championship, held in Reykjavik Iceland.

The game was the sixth in the competition, played on Sunday 23 July: Queen’s Gambit Declined Tartakower Defence Exchange Variation (D59).

The players were Robert Fischer (USA), white (the challenger) and Boris Spassky (USSR), black (the world champion).

The pictures detail white’s move and black’s response. The titles correspond to standard chess notation. (I.e. the move’s number, an abbreviation of the piece moved [unless a pawn], and its vertical file and horizontal rank destination coordinates.)

When a piece makes a capture, an “x” is inserted immediately before the destination square.

Black resigns after White’s 41st move – Queen to f4.